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At we believe that Life is beautiful and the human incarnation is the most precious gift from God Almighty. As per Vedas, the repository of great Indian or hindu knowledge system, the human birth is considered to be extremely precious and gifted to only the worthy ones. It is considered to be above all the living creatures on Mrityu Loka (Earth), and a notch below the divine beings or Devatas in Swarga Loka (beyond Earth). It is therefore imperative that this gift is fruitfully enjoyed and well utilized in the right earnest as per the tenets of Dharma (Duty and righteousness). However, in the myriad maze of life we tend to often loose our path due to plethora of reasons, largely due to ignorance, lack of correct and inadequate guidance but sometimes willfully too.

About Bharat (Founder)

My journey with Jyotisha started around 1994, as a hobby first and then it caught on like an inseparable companion. However, the job pressures and family circumstances were quite challenging and it wasn’t until 2011 that I could once again re-ignite the learning. The subsequent year I started professional readings for friends, near and dear ones (without charges) and tweaking possible outcomes of various life situations with Gemstone remedies. I also started building my own research to validate, understand and internalise the principles given by various Maharishis, as also build my own principles about using Gemstones as remedial measures since nothing much is available about them in classic vedic texts. Minor references are seen in Agni Purana about the names of various precious and semi-precious Gemstones and a little in Narada Purana about how to select good Gemstones.

Stuck in a difficult situation in life. Trust us.. we know the path out of it.

Read Before Buying Gemstones

  1. Always consult a learned and reputed astrologer(s) and then only buy the recommended Gemstone.
  2. Choose only a genuine, reputed and established seller or jeweler as they have to keep up their reputation.
  3. Always insist on a Lab Report from a reputed Govt or Third party Labs such as GJEPC, GIA, IGI.
  4. A little market research and guidance from existing users such as family members or friends will be quite useful. These days Social media and public comments on internet also provide good insights.
  5. Be Quality and Value focused rather than being only cost focused.
  6. These days End to End astrological solution providers offering bundled services (Consultancy and Gemstones plus other remedies) are an excellent option. This is a value preposition both for the buyer and seller. However, You should take services only from reputed and established players.

Get The Best Advice On Gemstones. Based on in-depth Analysis Of Your Birth Chart.

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