Blue Sapphire/ Neelam or Indraneel


  • Cat (Precious/ Semi Precious) – Precious
  • Weight (Carats/ Mg) – 4 Crts/800 mg
  • Natural/Synthetic/ Lab-Created – Natural 100% guaranteed
  • Mines/Origin – Sri Lanka (Erstwhile Ceylon)
  • Certification – Yes. Lab Certificate from Govt Lab/IGI/Pvt Lab included


Certified Natural, Untreated, Unheated Ceylonese Blue Sapphire, mined in Sri Lanka.
Certified by Govt Lab Jaipur (GJEPC). Lab Report will be provided to buyer. Lab Report can also be downloaded.

Blue Sapphire represents energy of Shani Deva (Brahma) the divine creator (Karma and Karmic existence), and most trusted loyalist and celestial servant (Saturn God) and manifested as planet Saturn in Cosmos. He is the loyalist of the loyal and serves the trinity unflinchingly. He is designer of all work/karma/actions and also the Pay-Master. He gives age and longevity, profession, industriousness and ability to labour, tenacity and perseverance, inspection, evaluation, scrutiny, due diligence and benchmarking of performance followed by how much to Pay for work. Saturn is considered to be one of the most important benefic planet as it brings the best out of people. It lords lungs and air in body or Prana, Knees, Legs etc. It lords over all Labour, Peasents Artisans and craftsmen, those who serve others, service industry, factories, Heavy industries, Mines and ores, Labour contractors and Govt Labour Department, HR Dept, Jails etc.

Who should wear Blue Sapphire:- Factory owners, Production department, HR professionals and Labour Officers, Police Dept professionals, Jailors, Accounts and Finance professionals, ITO/Excise, Tax and Revenue Officials, Bank Security and POs, Audit Dept, Astrologers, Authors and Researchers, Spiritual attainment, Ayurveda Doctors.

Benefits of wearing Blue Sapphire- A good quality Blue Sapphire worn in an auspicious time (Muhurata) grants following
Improves Industriousness,Diligence and Hard-working abilities, Quality work, Wealth, Righteous conduct.
Improves Lungs and breathing, Lower body, knees, lung capacity, Longevity or Age Factor, removes body weakness, and strengthens nerves and blood vessels.
Improves Income and wealth creation.
Get Help, respect and Value addition from Society, Assistants, workers etc.


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