Gemstones as Remedial Measures

There are many type of remedial measures like Mantra, Yantra, Tantra etc other than Gemstones. In Vedic Astrology Mantras are enshrined in Rig Veda and Atharva Veda to overcome obstacles and provide relief from planets causing pain and suffering. However, in Kaliyuga owing to various factors the use of Gemstones as remedial measures is gaining preference over Mantras and other measures. Gemstones are considered to be quite powerful and quick in action. Improved technology in mining and growing affordability has made them easily available to most people and thus its gaining popularity now.
Gemstones have been associated with human beings since ages and are not just restricted to India but most of the societies and tribes across earth used some or the other forms of embellishments like minerals, Precious and semi-precious stones, bones, roots, fruits or seeds of specific plants etc for various reasons. Some believed that these kept evil spirits, demons, enemies and diseases at bay, some for fortune, business, money and possession while some others used for medicinal value and many for just the valuable possession and status. The Royalty used them for influence, Power, politics and diplomacy, victory in battlefield etc. These invariably formed the treasure and riches or financial muscle of any political state.
Gemstones are believed to have mysterious powers wherein they are capable of accentuating or toning down of effects of related planets. Here we will mainly confine ourselves with their use for Jyotisha or astrological purposes only. While there are many minerals and stones but in Vedic astrology only Nine (09) stones are refered to as Gems or Gemstones. These are also refered to as Precious stones. There are a number of Semi-precious and other substitute stones which are in use. However, based on literature and our research and experiences, only precious gemstones give a desirable level of results. While Semi-precious and substitute stones are used by some but we would strongly recommend use of precious vedic Gemstones only. Their details are as under.

Properties of a Gemstone for Astrological Use

  1. It should be natural i.e mined from earth or sea. Synthetic, Lab created or imitation stones are not useful for astrological purposes and should be avoided.
  2. These should not be treated. Ideally the gemstone should be ‘As it is’ and attempts to improve them using heat, fracture filling, laser filling and other techniques should be avoided. Such gemstones are suited for Jewellary only, and should be avoided for astrological uses.
  3. Ideally confirms to a good level or value of the 4Cs i.e Carat, Colour, Cut and Clarity.

Care and Precautions Regarding Gemstones

  1. Ensure the Gemstone is set correctly in the Jewellery like a ring, bracelet or pendant as convenient by an expert worksman. Loose or ill-set Gemstones are prone to damages or fractures.
  2. Routinely clean the base of the Gemstone with water and a soft cloth or tissue or paper. Using a microfiber cloth is best for cleaning when Gemstones are being clean without water.
  3. Avoid using any chemicals on Gemstones to clean them. Never expose them to hard or harsh chemicals. While using soaps and sanitizers, be careful and mindful of your jewellery pieces.
  4. Emeralds being the softest stones should never be exposed to any chemicals. Pearls and Corals are reactive with acids. While Sapphires and Diamonds are hard and resistant.
  5. A soft very thin layer of natural oil such as Coconut, Olive or as is locally available be applied on Gemstones say once or twice a week or daily depending on how much chemicals you are exposed to everyday will go a long way in keeping your Gemstones safe from hazardous chemicals.

Check This Before Buying A Gemstone

  1. One should never wear a Gemstone without getting a consultation and advice from a learned Astrologer. A gemstone in this regard could be equated with a medicine or prescription from a Doctor. Self-medication must be avoided else these may lead to unnecessary risks and undesirable effects. In our experiences we have come across many such people who ended up ruining their lives using incorrect Gemstones. Some of our findings in regards above are:
  • People wore Gemstones on advice of family members or some relative, who actually had no knowledge of Astrology but it was mainly on hearsay rather than on evidence.
  • Some wore Gemstones on advice of Jewellers who tend to acquire some scant working knowledge due to dealing in business of Gemstones.
  • Many wore Gemstones while following either a You tube channel or on Astrology related Television shows or channels. These render just generic information on Gemstone use.
  • Similar to the above, many wore them after reading articles, write-ups or some content on internet.
  • Many others wore Gemstones because they liked them or got attracted to looks of the Gemstone.
  • In our view these are all potential risk situations as Gemstones have therapeutic effects and thus work in a particular way. Lot of experience and research is needed to recommend them to clients.
  • Many bought from unscrupulous online retailers without adequate verification and got cheated.

2.Always go for a reputed Gemstone seller even if it could cost you a bit more. They have a reputation to keep, unlike the ones who are Fly By Night operators. And one can always go back to them for after sale service or any problems arising post sale.  We all know that cheap stuff always come with some catch or Red Herrings otherwise why should someone sell an item which doesn’t expire easily or goes out of fashion ever. In our experience cheaper Gemstones generally have many flaws and problems which only experts of this field can understand, and a common man will more often than not will miss out on these details ending up buying actually at a lot higher cost in real terms. The possibility of such Gemstone to be defective and spurious is also very high.

3.It is recommended to buy certified Gemstones from reputed labs only. With improvement in technology everyday, the number of treatments and improvements in Gemstones has increased manifold. Thus certification is in escapable these days to differentiate the treated Gemstones from others needs scientific methods. There are third party labs dealing with these. Some of them are Govt Labs, IGI/GIA, and some private labs. Whatever you may prefer, always insist on good certification. Govt Labs are well equipped and should be preferred over others. GIA is benchmark for Diamonds certification and also for coloured stones in certain countries, while IGI is also very good lab for Diamonds and Coloured Stones. There are number of  fake certification labs and Cheating and forgery is rampant. That’s why the need to approach a reputed Gemstone sellers.

4.A little market research prior to buying will be helpful. Advice from friends and users of Gemstones or knowledgeable ones could be handy. Adequate knowledge will help a good and informed buying decision.

5.These days End to End astrological solution providers, offering bundled services including astrological consultation and Gemstone plus other remedies are an excellent option. However, one should take services only from a reputed player. Earlier the astrologer, gemstone sellers and Jewellers were separate players or parties and it brought much risk to buyer specially when there was failure in expected performance and not getting results as predicted. In such scenario it’s not easy to point out the source of problem as parties blamed each other for failure. But now with these one stop solution providers, the risk gets mitigated largely by making them more accountable and responsible as also it results in better customer focused service. This is a value preposition both for the buyer and seller. 

Planet Sanskrit Name Gemstone Hindi Name (Ratna) Colour
Sun Surya Ruby Manikya Red
Moon Chandra Pearl Shweta Moti Wheatish
Mars Mangla Red Coral Munga or Praval Deep Red
Mercury Budha Emerald Panna Green
Jupiter Guru Yellow Saphhire Pukhraja Light Yellow
Venus Shukra Diamond Heera/Vajramani White/Sky Blue
Saturn Shani Blue Saphhire Neelam Deep Blue
Dragon’s Head Rahu Hessonite Gomedha Brown
Dragon’s Tail Ketu Chrysoberyl/ Cat’s Eye Lehsuniya Grey

Ruby (Manikya)

This is the gemstone of Sun. A ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide). Other varieties of gem-quality corundum are called sapphires. The word ruby comes from ruberLatin for red. It’s mainly mined in Burma (Myanmar), Madgascar, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Tanzania. The best ones are mined in Burma and they command a high premium.

Improving the quality of gemstones by treating them is common practice. Improvements used to include color alteration, improving transparency by dissolving rutile inclusions, healing of fractures (cracks) or even completely filling them. The most common treatment is the application of heat. Most rubies at the lower end of the market are heat treated to improve color, remove purple tinge, blue patches, and silk. These heat treatments typically occur around temperatures of 1800 °C (3300 °F). Some rubies undergo a process of low tube heat, when the stone is heated over charcoal of a temperature of about 1300 °C (2400 °F) for 20 to 30 minutes. The silk is partially broken, and the color is improved.

Another treatment, which has become more frequent in recent years, is lead glass filling. Filling the fractures inside the ruby with lead glass (or a similar material) dramatically improves the transparency of the stone, making previously unsuitable rubies fit for applications in jewelry.

Ruby is worn on a Sunday preferably, in a good Muhurta during the Bright Fortnight (Shukla Paksha). The astrological significance of Sun must be well understood before considering wearing Ruby. Here is a brief about Sun.

Sun or Surya

The Sun is King of Cosmic Royalty and the Primary source of all energy and life in the solar system.  It represents general health, the soul, courage, ego, vitality, leadership, power, and authority. Sun is the Karka or significator of all Raj Yogas in a Horoscope. Being most powerful planet  its strength in a horoscope is of great importance. It represents most important people in a system or organization like, Royalty, Monarchs, Nobility, the head of state, the government, Judges and Judiciary, Boss or superior officers and the father. Its abode is a Shiva temple. It represents Lord Shiva as the deity and energy of Lord Shri Rama as the Vishnu Avatara. It stands for our genuine, authentic self, and our ability to radiate and shine. Also signifies stability, strength and large temples or structures. Fire is its Mahabhoota. Its Gemstone is Ruby and colour is Red.

Pearl (Muktaka or Moti)

Pearl is the Gemstone of Moon. Real Natural pearls of gem grade (perfectly round and irradiating) are rare and mined from Sea or Oceans from molluscs. Pearls cultured in Ponds, lakes and other sources of sweet water are called Sweet water pearls and are not suited for astrological use. Most pearls available in markets today are Cultured Pearls. They are largely produced in ocean water in Japan & Australia and known as South Sea Pearls. China is a major producer of Fresh water pearls. The best pearls are known to have been mined from Basra near Iran but presently there is hardly any mining in these areas. Historical references indicate a flourishing industry near Kuwait and Sri Lanka. Pearl comes in variety of colours but white colour is most preferred for astrological use.

Pearl is generally worn on a Monday in Bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha). The astrological significance of Moon must be understood before considering wearing Pearl. Here is a brief about Moon.

Moon or Chandra

Moon is the Queen (female energy) of the Cosmic Royalty and represents Sustenance, resources, creation and consumer of Sun’s energy for creation of Life on Earth. It rules Mind. Moon is the cosmic mother and provides for everyone, has no enemies, loves Peace, is socially vibrant. It represents emotions, mother, resources and assimilation of resources, bureaucracy and the executive setup to run the kingdom of Sun. Moon gives knowledge of politics, Administration of social groups or society or Praja. Healing and cure, Blood, Herbs etc are under moon. It also causes strong Raj Yogas and other important yogas in a horoscope. After sun it’s the most important planet. Its quick to act. Its deity is Gauri (Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva) and represents Lord Krsna Avatar.Water is its Mahabhoota. Its Gemstone is Pearl and colour is Wheatish.

Red Coral (Munga or Praval)

Coral is a gemstone ruled by Mangla or Mars. They are mined from Oceans and reefs. Australia, Japan and other tropical countries are the major producers of Corals. They range from white, red, orangish and many other colours but red coral is mostly used for astrological purpose. Coral is a stone known for immunity, fighting spirit, enthusiasm and Energy.

Coral is generally worn on a Tuesday in Bright fortnight ( Shukla Paksha). The astrological significance of Mars must be understood before considering wearing Coral. Here is a brief about Mars.

Mars or Mangla

Mars is a male planet also called the red planet. It is the General of Surya and assists in executing his (the King’s) Orders. Mars is energetic, impulsive, and active. It stands for enterprise, adventure, enthusiasm, zeal, courage athletic and mechanical skill, and sexual desire. It executes orders with complete professionalism and is thus unrelenting in its approach. It represents courage, war and battles, chivalry, Valour, Weapons, Explosives and accidents. It signifies machismo, the armed forces, pioneers, brothers, fire, surgery, police, Mechanical Engineers, military, courage, Chemicals, Spices , Heat energy, independence and discord. Its Mahabhoota is Fire (Heat, unlike Sun which rules Energy). Mars represents Narsimha (The Lion Man) Avatar of Lord Vishnu and presiding deity is Hanumanji, Ma Durga or Kartikeya (Son of Lord Shiva). Its Gemstone is Red Coral or Munga or Prabhal.Its colour is deep red.

Emerald (Panna)

Emerald is the gemstone ruled by mercury. It’s a gemstone adorned by goddess Lakshami herself. Lord Vishnu (Vish+Nu, Vish is poison in hindi and Nu is remover) is the presiding deity and thus this stone removes all kind of Poisons and diseases. Vishnu is also called Hari (the one who helps us fight difficulties and removes them finally). This is an extremely powerful stone to overcome Spells, Black Magic, Negative Energy, uncertainty, Stress, disease of Mind, Epilepsy etc. It is believed that when one is going through unknown territory or dangerous areas (includes such situations) this is a must wear gemstone. Emeralds are found all over the world in countries such as AfghanistanAustralia,  BrazilBulgariaCambodiaCanadaChina, Egypt, EthiopiaFranceGermany,India,  ItalyKazakhstanMadagascarMozambiqueNamibia NigeriaNorwayPakistanRussiaSomaliaSouth AfricaSpainSwitzerlandTanzania, the United States, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

The best Emeralds are mined from Zambia in South Africa.  Zambian Emeralds are considered to be astrologically superior. Emerald is worn on a Wednesday in Bright Fortnight (Shukla Paksha).

The astrological significance of Mercury must be understood before considering wearing Emerald. Here is a brief about Mercury.

Mercury (Budha)

Mercury is a Neutral Planet and Crown Prince of the Cosmic Royal setup. It’s a disciple and a student and controls Language, speech, knowledge and skills, professional skills, Diplomacy, Communication, Education, Interpretation and understanding, perceptions, writing, books, fine arts, music, wind instruments. It also represents ENT system, tongue, neck region, shoulders and arms, skin, youngish look. It rules Schools and Educational Institutions, large stadiums, performances, sports arenas, debates, conference halls etc. Mercury is also representative of trade, commerce, stock markets, money markets and money or currency, Law and Lawyers. It’s also the natural messenger. It represents Lord Budha as Vishnu Avatara and its deity is Lord Vishnu or Lord Krusna, Its Mahabhoota is Earth and colour is Green. Its stone is Emerald or Panna.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraja)

Sapphire is one of the two gem-varieties of corundum, the other being ruby. Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone ruled by Jupiter, the greatest beneficiary and giver of all knowledge, wisdom, wealth, status, happiness, progeny and good conduct. It has the power to cure most difficult diseases. It could benefit the doctors a lot. Also those in bureaucracy and Judges can benefit a lot from this gemstone.

 These are largely mined in many parts of the world like  AfghanistanAustraliaMyanmar/BurmaCambodiaChinaColombiaIndiaKenyaLaosMadagascarMalawiNepalNigeriaPakistanSri LankaTajikistanTanzaniaThailand, United States, and Vietnam. Sapphires from different geographic locations may have different appearances or chemical-impurity concentrations. Yellow Sapphire from Sri Lanka mostly preferred one for astrological use and is also called Ceylon Yellow Sapphire.

Yellow Sapphire is worn on a Thursday, in the Bright Fortnight. The astrological significance of Jupiter must be understood before considering wearing it. Here is a brief about Jupiter.

Jupiter (Guru or Jeeva)

Jupiter is a male planet and the guide, advisor, mentor, guru, Minister, philosopher for the Cosmic Royalty and stands for truth and righteousness. He is a repository of complete knowledge about everything in this cosmic universe, Vedas and knowledge of higher order. It rules all wealth, resources, custodian of Dharma ( Duty and Righteousness) social structure and rights and duties of all beings, religious texts, scriptures, temples and religious places, Religious discourses, Chanting of Mantras or Sutras, Philosophy. It represents Astrology, Child birth, Progeny, Fortune, Battlefield, Dharma, Sages, Advice, Authority, Husband. It rules Liver, Pituitary Gland, Thighs, Treatment, Medicine. It’s Mahabhoota is Aakasha or Space as it gives form to everything in universe and is thus omnipresent. It represents energy of Sri Vamana Avatara of Lord Visnu and deity is Indra. Its colour is Yellow or Saffron and Gemstone is Yellow Saphhire (Pukhraja). Some opine Yellow Topaz also.

Diamond (Heera or Vajra Mani)

Diamonds are thought to have been first recognized and mined in India, where significant alluvial deposits of the stone could be found many centuries ago along the rivers PennerKrishna and Godavari. Diamonds have been known in India for at least 3,000 years. Diamond is the Gemstone of Venus or Shukra (the pure one or the one which purifies and does shubh or good). Diamond is considered to bestow powers that could counter very serious ailments like Cancer and such like infections as diamond as its greek name adamas suggests i.e the one who tames or overpowers. People with low immunity and those struggling from major ailments could consider this stone. It is also equated with Luxury, riches, affluence and conjugal bliss. Actors, Top level salesmen or those working with affluent people, or hi-fi people as is colloquially known may benefit from diamond.

Diamonds are largely mined in south Africa, Australia ( brown diamonds) these days, but were largely mined in India in past.

Diamond is worn on a Friday in Bright Fortnight. The astrological significance of Venus must be understood before considering wearing it. Here is a brief about Venus.

Venus (Shukra or Bhrugu)

Venus is a female planet and represents pleasure, virility, Luxury, foods, Fashion, Opulence, Riches, guide and mentor to art of love, happiness, wife, marriage, women, partners, gems, jewellary, flowers, music, harmony, relationships, cooperation,  creativity.. It represents fine arts, culture, eye for details, Managerial skills, objects of desire, Vehicles, Palaces and Bed Rooms, desires, Market place, Board rooms, Affluent class, Actors,  Dancers, Entertainment and Leisure. Business Management, Strategy and innovation are also accredited to Venus. It rules Semen and sperms, reproduction and reproductive organs, immunity, control and tapasaya. Its stone is Diamond which is a wonderful gemstone and most sought for possession. Its Mahabhoota is Water and colour is milky white. Its deity is Ma Lakshami (Wife of Lord Vishnu).

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Blue Sapphire is a Corundum and is part of Sapphires. It’s a gemstone ruled by Saturn or Shani. It’s a very strong and quick acting stone and must never be worn without an expert Astrologer’s and Gemologist’s advice. Only a good quality Neelam should be worn. It makes one more industrious and productive, initiative and result oriented, disciplined. It’s mined alongwith other sapphires but Sri Lankan or Ceylon Blue Sapphire are largely used for astrological purposes. Coronation coloured Blue Sapphire from Paddar mines near Kishtwar dist of Jammu and Kashmir, India is famous for the best quality Neelam and commands a huge premium.

Neelam is preferably worn on a Saturday after sunset in the Dark Fortnight as close to the new moon as possible. Amavasya or fifteenth Lunar day falling on a Saturday (Shanivari Amavasya) is the best time to wear. The astrological significance of Saturn must be understood before considering wearing it. Here is a brief about Saturn.

Saturn (Shanishchara or Shani)

Saturn is a neutral planet and is the loyal, royal servant. It does exactly what is told to him and is the DandPala ( one authorized to execute and supervise punishments). It represents Punishment and its execution, sorrow, sufferings, Pain, tough times, delay and despair, losses, Fevers, Disease, Death and cause of all sorrows and miseries in this world. It represents labour, effort, hard work, repeated work, accountancy, auditors, resilience, Police and internal security, arson, law and order, criminals, thieves. It rules knees, calves and shin bones area, blood vessels and nervous system in physical form. It represents dry, desert and infertile or unproductive lands, famines etc. It’s Mahabhoota is Air and colour is Blue. It represents energy of Koorma (Tortoise) avatara of Lord Vishnu. Its stone is Blue Saphhire or Neelam.

Hessonite (Garnet or Gomedha)

Hessonite is a Gemstone of Dragon’s Head or Rising Node called Rahu in Hindi. Rahu means absence of fire and light representing a state of complete and absolute darkness and ignorance.  It is a stone favoured by the King Makers or behind the scene politicians and machinations. It can give extreme courage and accentuated energies, unorthodox thinking, deception skills and abilities to surprise. Spies, Agents, Forensic Services, Military Commanders and Warriors can benefit a lot from this gemstone. It’s considered to vanquish all enemies especially the hidden ones.

Gomedha (akin to colour of cow’s urine or honey coloured) is worn after sunset on a Wednesday or Saturday in the Dark Fortnight as closer to new moon as possible. Amavasya or fifteenth Lunar day falling on a Saturday (Shanivari Amavasya) is the best time to wear. The astrological significance of Rahu must be understood before considering wearing it. Here is a brief about Rahu.

Rahu (Dragon’s Head)

Rahu is a shadow planet and is somewhat like Saturn in its effects. It represents worldly desires, materialism,  foreign lands or living abroad, journeys across oceans or distant lands, Airports and Sea Ports, Shock and fear, Confusion, Trans-Border crime, drugs, alcohol, insanity, separation, adversities, harsh speech, attachment, unorthodoxy, addictions. It is a planet of Fraud, Cheating, Untruthfulness, Vices, Distractions. It rules Gambling and Cassinos, Horse racing and Race Courses or Betting, Lotteries, False hopes and Promises, Witch Craft, Magic and Black Magic, Tantra. It represents energy of Shookra (Pig or Wild Boar) avatara of Lord Vishnu. It’s Gemstone is Hessonite or Gomedha.

Cat’s Eye stone (Chrysoberyl or Lehsuniya)

Cat’s Eye stone or Lehsuniya is the Gemstone of Dragon’s Tail or Ketu. This is the stone of Psychics and known for granting intuition. Its useful for curing certain types of diseases and protects from evil eye, pathogens and communicable diseases. It can give sudden money and windfall fortune if well placed in horoscope. It also grants occult knowledge, detachment, tapas or deep meditation. It is especially useful against insect bites, poisonous or pathogenic substances like snake bites, scorpoion bites etc. It can also be used for improving sperm or semen related issues. It is found in India and many other countries. It displays Chatoyancy phenomenon. The ones with a white line, two and a half thread line thick (2.5 sut) is considered to be of highest quality.

Lehsuniya (akin to colour of clove of garlic) is worn after sunset on a Tuesday in the Dark Fortnight as closer to new moon as possible. Amavasya or fifteenth Lunar day falling on a Tuesday (Bhaumvati Amavasya) is the best time to wear. The astrological significance of Ketu must be understood before considering wearing it. Here is a brief about Ketu.

Ketu (Dragon’s Tail)

Ketu is a shadow planet and is somewhat like Mars in its effects. It represents Moksha, detachment, hermits and tapaswis, Sanyasin, It represents spiritual liberation, mystical experience, Sixth Sense, Intuition, occult studies, Lost sciences, astrology, rejection, accidents, dreams, psychic ability, sudden financial losses, Obstacles and despair, aimless wandering and loss of focus, seclusion, and detachment, past life qualities, Finish Line and culmination of a journey. It rules Pathogens, communicable diseases like Malaria, Flu, untreatable or complex diseases like AIDS. It’s colour is mixed or grey, represents chequered flag. It’s Gemstone is Cat’s Eye stone or Lahasuniya (Like Garlic).

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