Our Philosophy
The Guided Karma

We firmly believe that we humans have a great gift, which is the power to change and improve our lives and have a far greater, fulfilled and a meaningful life than just wheeling away as mere passengers. By suitable modifications, application of required tools and measures, and simple changes in our everyday lives, it is possible to achieve consistent success in our life goals. The ancients used these tools and methods to design and maximize success in their lives.

Our philosophy has evolved out of confluence of two major sources, the first one being the essence of ancient hindu wisdom contained in Vedas in conjunction with the teachings of Bhagwaan (Lord) Sri Krushna in Sri Bhagwad Geeta, and secondly our own study, research and experience dealing with real life cases. We call it THE GUIDED KARMA.

We know that all conscious actions are borne out of our thoughts, which are further designed or induced by our thinking process (usually called Brains).There is a direct correlation between the quality of our thoughts and the quality of our actions and output or final results obtained. Thus we firmly believe that when we can think or generate great or high level thoughts we can derive greater results and greater success in future.

Based on above, we have created our expertise in helping provide customized guidance mechanism and requisite tools to help improve your thinking process to generate success related thoughts, avoid potential pitfalls and design your own success path within the constraints of external environment which is beyond our abilities to influence.

Three important constituents of our philosophy are

  1. The Action, which is borne out of Dharma (Not to be confused with Religiosity) and rightful intent and well aligned thought process.
  2. The Guidance system based on principles and predictive powers of Jyotisha or Vedic Astrology including application of desirable measures and tools to align the indivijual to generate desirable and goal oriented thoughts, which provides consistent success or On Target Performance of very high level
  3. Focus on Preparation part or guided execution than expectations of the results as predicted by a Future or Fortune Teller.

Karmic Philosophy, Lokas and Guidance

The Vedas list out number of Lokas and talks about Transmigration of soul through various Lokas, simply said it means a soul’s journey through these Lokas. So, every being (including human beings) is on an indiivjual journey on the Earth (Also called Bhu Loka or Mrytyu Loka in Hindi/Samsakruta) with an aim to transcend to a higher level (Or Loka). For this we are continuously doing certain actions also called KARMAs which results into Rewards/Punishments. As we are all matter and whole universe exists as an interplay of matter and Energies around us, thus our actions or Karmas are largely influenced by these energies creating various thoughts in our minds, and the available resources and tools to effect an event or action. That’s why Lord Sri Krushna has discussed the importance of Karma or action, above everything and correctly put, he stresses on ‘Karma which is born out of Dharma’.

Our philosophy is based on these two important pillars of a successful Life, Karma based on tenets of Dharma and secondly the Guidance system which infuences the outcome or resuts of those actions. We call it The GUIDED KARMA.

Our Life is a sum total of various actions we do daily or over a period of time. When we do actions born out of Dharma (Not to be confused with modern day Religiosity) and with a good intent, the results and fruits will be great and satisfying. Now if these actions are influenced by correctly structured guidance system, the results will be repeated success of high magnitude. The efforts and quality of Coach or Guru or Mentor and the diligent execution by the Subject or Mentee will ultimately determine the real outcome.

Take an example of flying an aircraft by professional Pilots. If the Pilot is flying without any guiding instruments on the instruments panel, like Gyroscope and compass etc or say it’s faulty and also without any guidance from the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) he is flying blind, and the success of flight is subject to very high odds and risks. But if the pilot is flying using the guidance system as above, the likelihood of the Pilot completing the mission successfully are very high and also that he can achieve the same feat time and again irrespective of the place and other constraints. That’s the power of GUIDED KARMA.

Similar is the case when you need to drive in a new city or place, you need to have a local guide or a GPS enabled console or gadget like Mobile phone enabled with an app like Google Maps which is guiding you continuously from Origin to destination.

Is Jyotisha merely Fortune Telling ?

The other important part is that many Jyotisha practitioners have delivered the Vedic Astrology as a mere fortune telling or future telling tool, which is not the correct dispensation and rendition of this divine science. The subjects assume that the future events will happen the way Fortune Teller has told. No wonder a large number of predictions fall flat or fail miserably. In our view, Future is what you do or design today. We create our own future, and good planning and right actions today, is about a better future.

Thus our philosophy is about being Future Designers which is quite different from being mere Fortune Tellers. If we can structure our thought process correctly and initiate actions thereafter with a focus on preparation, then the results have to be largely as expected only.

Final Word on Our Philosophy by Bharat ji- The conclusion

I firmly believe that one should look at Vedic Astrology as a guide to live a better, holistic and fruitful life. Similarly astrological advice and remedies like Gemstones should be viewed as a means to an End, and not an End in itself. Karma or action has to be executed. Without Karma nothing can be achieved. But Karma guided with correct advice and guidance will certainly yield more satisfaction and contentment at all levels, body, mind and soul.

Culmination of each journey is inevitable to embark on a new one and the Karmic cycle continues till we are able to achieve the Moksha (End of repeated journey of soul on Earth). This is what the nature teaches us every day, every month, every season or every year. As reaching the objective is the ultimate goal of a journey thus it is imperative that we understand and know our ultimate destiny and objective and not fall prey to distractions enroute.

That’s where a learned astrologer can help you as a guide and a mentor. At the same time an astrologer is limited to being the part of guidance system only, as it is You, the subject, who has to traverse the path. No astrologer can or should endeavour to control the subject’s life or his/her decisions.