Yes. Normally understood Astrology is mainly Western Astrology which is based on Sun Signs and Fixed Zodiac. Here people born between specified fixed dates irrespective of year, are assigned a particular Sun sign. Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrological system uses Sidereal Zodiac or say Non-Fixed Zodiac and Moon Signs called Rasis. The Rasis are based on positioning of Moon at the time of birth. Since Moon’s speed is 13.25 times more than Sun, Indian Astrological system offers more precision and depth in interpretations and predictions, besides using a number of other predictive tool.

Yes. It can help a competent astrologer predict likelihood of events to a great extent and guide people to plan, modify or prepare for them accordingly. A person with better guidance will invariably beat an unguided or an ill-prepared person most of the times. Consistency is a function of the competence and experience of an astrologer. The principles must work on most if not all cases with expected results.

Yes, there are some other systems which are lesser known. In fact Palmistry is also based on Planets, however independently it’s inadequate to predict with consistency as also predictions are heavily biased towards judgement and experience of the practitioner leading to high scope of errors. Vedic Astrology is absolutely scientific, completely structured and systems driven. This leaves least scope for personal biases of practitioners. Hence as on date Vedic Astrology is the only consistent predictive science available to humankind while there are other systems too but their efficacy and consistency is largely suspect and thus people prefer Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha.

Vedic Astrology or any other astrological sciences are a great guidance tool to plan your life path and improve your future thereof. In our view, anybody irrespective of the worldly faith they practice or an atheist can use this beautiful scientific tool. Since remedial measures are about balancing the cosmic energies, one can choose them according to their comfort. Simply expressing your gratitude to the greatest soul is one of the greatest prayers in our opinion.

The vedic astrologers recommend various rectifications and remedial measures to overcome or strengthen and enable you to manage difficult and challenging situations approaching in your life, as predicted by them.  Remedies are the crux or conclusion of an astro consultation. Simply put what a prescription or medicine and supplement is to Modern Medical system, are Remedies to a Vedic Astrological analysis. So when you don’t do remedial measures status quo prevails which  

The main Vedic astro remedies are Mantra (Recitations and chanting),  Yantra (A map or representation using arithmetic combination, characters or symbols), Tantra (A set of activities), Gemstones, Donations and Offerings to Needy. Homas, and Pujas, etc are variants of Mantras including some using fire rituals.

In our view, and years of personal experience of Shri Bharat ji, a combination of remedies works best, although Gemstones are the core of our remedies. There are different remedies working through body, mind and soul levels. The remedies have scientific working principles and mode of delivery. As an example, the pharmaceuticals act through body chemicals while Radiations work externally on body and mind. The Gemstones use principals of cosmic radiation and kinetic theory of matter. Similarly Charity and Donations work at soul level through experiences of Joy and Happiness. We have years of experience and best astrologers and our remedies are customized thus they show outstanding results.   

As per vedic sciences there are Four Yugas (Time periods), which reflects four phases of human evolution and level of commitment to Dharma and truthfulness. Satya is 100% or complete commitment, Treta is 75% or Three parts, Dwapara is 50% or two parts and Kaliyuga is 25% or one part only. We are in Kaliyuga at the moment and the weakness manifested in the soul level is highest in this yuga mandating use of much higher energy infusion than would be required in other yugas. Very few souls are highly evolved and can use just Mantra remedies. Gemstones being powerful Rajas remedies make it possible to yield better results. The Mantras are the Satwa guna and were the major remedies in Satya and Treta Yuga. Dwapara yuga was more Rajas with Gemstones and charity etc. In Kaliyuga the prevalent one is Tantra, which are Tamasik guna remedies and their use is strictly restricted to fighting evil for the larger good of society. We are focused on Satwa and Rajas guna remedies and that’s why focus is on Gemstones and Mantras. We wish to avoid Tantra remedies by all means.

In our view one should evaluate an investment into remedial measures on Value preposition rather than just Cost basis. This is where most people make the mistake of just looking at the cost part. In my experience investment into yourself, your life and future is one of the best you can ever make. We invest millions into financial markets, Education, Homes, Holidays, Eating-Out, Fashion and list is endless in a HOPE of doing better. If we calculate the cost of ownership of Gemstones and value they unleash, one could call it a very profitable investment. The problem is lack of trust. If you invest in a good guide or mentor and good quality Gemstones as recommended, you will find that it was a great value addition in life. Further, costs are market driven and not Astrologers driven. Gemstones are one time upfront investment. Unfortunately there are no EMI mechanisms in market which could ease the allocation of finances.

We believe that It’s the wish of the subject to choose to do remedial measures or not. The astrologer is not supposed to scare, push or get behind the subject to do that. However, what’s the point in getting a prescription and not taking the medicine thereafter. We have experienced enough cases where people procrastinated or did not do suggested remedies, and then suffered immensely. The cost of not doing a remedy is much more than doing it.

Our Gemstones are sourced globally from best mines and most reliable suppliers in market. We use and recommend only naturally mined, untreated and unheated precious Gemstones and do not recommend, provide or use Synthetic, Lab-created and spurious stones. We look more for effects than the aesthetics unlike most jewelers who do the opposite. We provide guaranteed natural Gemstones certified from best labs internationally to our clients. Due to our experience and expertise in this field we know which Gemstones are suitable for Astrological use and you can buy from us with full confidence and satisfaction.

The Gemstones once worn start working immediately, however it takes time to manifest their effects to us. As experienced by us, it takes about a month to just get used to it and some different behaviours are vaguely noticed, within 01 to 03 months a little understanding happens and from 06 months to 12 months the effects are quite noticeable. Gemstones must be worn willingly with full faith and acceptance, as blessings of Almighty itself. It needs to synchronize with you so if you are resisting it then you may not really see any suitable effects or at best very sub-optimal effects. While you may not notice but ask your family and well-wishers of any changes they see in you after wearing the Gemstones.

Once you have sought a consultation from us, our experts will recommend you various remedies and Gemstones. They will tell you specific changes and effects which will be seen with approximate timelines as per plan we have made for you. You can accordingly monitor the progress. Since we focus on achieving specific Goals the successful achievement of goal is in itself the evidence of their effects. I will explain with a real case here. A client in Mumbai approached us with an aim for studying abroad. Her earlier study Visa for Canada had got rejected. After consultation with Bharat Ji, she was advised to apply for a UK study Visa immediately and two Gemstones were urgently provided as remedy. The study Visa got through successfully in a university of choice and she landed in UK on 12 Sep 2022 and presently studying in her university. Other associated good events also happened. So that’s how we design measurable changes using Gemstones.

We never compel anybody to buy Gemstones from us after our expert recommendations, and we respect whatever choice you make but it does come with inherent risks to your investment and our guidance. However, when you buy from us, not only you obviate that risk and get best quality guaranteed astrological Gemstones at most competitive prices globally, but also an assurance of authenticity and results. We are committed to our clients and their best interests and happiness is our goal. We are not the typical Gemstone sellers who aim only at selling or Marketing Gemstones in every possible way. Further buying from the person who recommends that is an End to End solution provider like us makes them or us more accountable to clients than involving multiple stakeholders. In case the results are not obtained, the investment and time of life goes away as a wasted opportunity as also you can’t fix the responsibility for the debacle. We have a number of clients who suffered this multiple times before they came to us.

Our offering is unique and responsible both. Since we are confident with our consultations and Gemstone selection we are fully enabled to take on the challenge of shouldering the responsibility and commitment to our clients.