Diamond/ Vajramani/Heera


  • Cat (Precious/ Semi Precious) – Precious
  • Weight (Carats/ Mg) – 1 Crts/200 mg
  • Natural/Synthetic/ Lab-Created – Natural 100% guaranteed
  • Mines/Origin – South Africa
  • Certification – Yes. Lab Certificate from GIA/IGI is included.
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Certified Natural, Untreated, Unheated Diamond, mined in South Africa.
Certified by GIA/IGI. Lab Report will be provided to buyer. Lab Report can also be downloaded from www.gia.edu or www.igi.org as per lab report. Diamond comes in various shapes, sizes, colour, clarity, cuts etc. For astrological use a clear, unblemished, white or near white is preferable. Minimum specifications recommended are J colour, SI2 and above clarity, 0.50 carats weight. However, we encourage our clients go for better specifications than these for better results.

Diamond is the strongest amongst all gemstones and represents energy of Ma Lakshmi also known Devi Shakti the divine mother (Jagat Prasutee) and wife of Lord Vishnu. It represents the feminine beauty, spouse or wife, Creative energy, contentment, food and consumption and also like Jupiter is a Guru or learned person, an advisor or minister in the celestial cabinet, and manifested as planet Venus in Cosmos. Venus controls the happiness, luxury, opulence and way of enjoyment in life. It is responsible for Marriage, sexual union, passion, consumption, growth and expansion of family. Provides Material possessions, beautiful properties, Cars etc. Signifies virility and strength (Virya) and responsible for Immunity and protection from diseases, Kidney functioning, Pancreas etc. Venus is the the giver of pleasures of all kinds. It lords private parts, kidney and other important organs of body. It lords over Entertainment industry, Creative people, Bureaucrats, Spiritual order etc.

Who should wear Diamond (Only Natural Diamond) :- Actors, Poets, Entertainment industry professionals in general, Creative people, Professionals in high end Hospitality, Luxury products, those dealing with Affluent and high class people, beauty industry, Gems and Jewellery professionals, Construction and Landscaping , Architects. People suffering from Cancer, Diabetes, Marital issues, lack of children, and lack of overall happiness in Life.

Benefits of wearing Diamond- A good quality Natural Diamond worn in an auspicious time (Muhurata) grants following
Improves overall happiness, Marital pleasures, sexual fulfillment, physical strength, smartness and general appearance, connecting with opposite sex, Intelligence and adds high class mannerism to personality.
Improves digestion, Eating healthy foods, Wealth, Luxury, sense of becoming rich.
Improves Kidney functioning, skin tone, harmone functioning and balancing, cures Ureic acid issues and pains or arthiritis in body.
Get Help, respect and Value addition from spouse (wife),Rich people, Bureaucrats, senior functionaries and advisors to bosses.


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