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Welcome to Astrobharatgupta.com

At Astrobharatgupta.com we believe that Life is beautiful and the human incarnation is the most precious gift from God Almighty. As per Vedas, the repository of great Indian or hindu knowledge system, the human birth is considered to be extremely precious and gifted to only the worthy ones. It is considered to be above all the living creatures on Mrityu Loka (Earth), and a notch below the divine beings or Devatas in Swarga Loka (beyond Earth). It is therefore imperative that this gift is fruitfully enjoyed and well utilized in the right earnest as per the tenets of Dharma (Duty and righteousness). However, in the myriad maze of life we tend to often loose our path due to plethora of reasons, largely due to ignorance, lack of correct and inadequate guidance but sometimes willfully too.

While we all are created from same elements of matter but Each individual is unique, including the children born from the same set of parents in similar settings or environment. This applies to even the twin births too. Isn’t that great and exciting!! That’s where Vedic Astrology or Jyotisha helps us understand each indivijual uniquely and offer customized solutions to manage his or her life in the best possible way. At astrobharatgupta.com we will be different from most others by offering personalized and customized consultation.

In modern times the use of machines and algorithms in computer based astrology has been adopted as a norm by many these days, but we feel that these are way too limited in their capabilities to do justice to a complex subject like Vedic Astrology. Thus we choose to be different by limiting machines and technology to only up to a support level, largely in mathematics and calculations or basic functions.

We also believe that Vedic Astrology is a Divya (Divine and rare) Vedanga and thus should not be equalized with Entertainment. Those who are reducing Astrology to entertainment are actually doing a great disservice to this supreme knowledge. For us it’s a source of divine wisdom, knowledge and a tool which must be handled only by the worthy and learned ones so that they can help each one of us to have a much more contented and fulfilling life. 

What Define's Us?

We are Future Designers.
We are passionate about guiding people to plan their future by doing right things at right time with right skillset. We do so with a collaborative approach.

What We Are Not?

We are not the typical Fortune or Future Tellers. Our philosophy is based on scientific approach enshrined in ancient Indian sciences.


Let’s design your future together. Don’t just live life, Make it great with us.


We will endeavor to be your one stop destination for all life management solutions.

About Vedic Astrology

The terms Vedha means ‘to pierce through’ or to acquire the complete knowledge through and through. The Vedas is considered to be the greatest repository of Hindu knowledge and philosophy. Vedic Astrology is that system of Astrology which was/is practiced by Hindus (Indus Valley Civilisation) and handed over by Sages and Maharishis (Great visionaries, philosophers, scientists and human beings) of yester years from generation to generation. While Astrology is an English term and means the study of heavenly bodies and it’s effects on earth and it’s beings, the correct hindi language term is Jyotisha (Jyoti means light + Isha means God ) which means that it is the light or knowledge which enables us to see or understand the heavenly creation of God Almighty around us. That’s why it is called Divya (Divine and rare) and is considered to be one of the six (06) Vedangas (Parts of Vedas)

Jyotisha is believed to be at least 5000 years old. As per Narada Purana, the Triskand ( three parts treatise) Jyotisha contains around Four (04) Lakhs Shlokas or couplets etc. The major chunk of this knowledge is contained in the Atharva Veda, Puranas and some part is in the Rig Veda. It is believed that Maharishi Parashara who was a great practitioner of Jyotisha, a visionary and greatest of the Sages of his times, organized this knowledge from Oral to written form and it was written or manuscripted by Lord Ganesha (The Elephant God of Hindus). His works are known as ‘Bruht Parashra Hora Shastra’ and is taken as the original authority and treatise of Vedic Astrology by the astrologer fraternity. As per Maharishi Parashara, such is the extant of Vedic Astrology that it can be applied to anything material or non-material, living or the non-living objects on various matters. However, he also mentions that in Kaliyuga, the practice and study of astrology will deteriorate and only few good astrologers or true ones will be available for guidance.

The practitioners of Jyotisha or Vedic astrology, must have the knowledge of all other fields as this is extremely critical to help and guide everyone. Thus a very high level of intelligence, wisdom, willingness to complete devotion or Tapas is mandatory. It’s extremely challenging and complex and takes an average of 10 to 15 years of continuous study to become a true vedic astrologer of repute.

Unfortunately, extreme destruction and rampage caused by the external aggressors for nearly Ten centuries (Say 1000 plus years of foreign rule) in India has wiped out this wealth of Vedic Sciences almost completely from India. This has been the most devastating act for the whole world as India used to be the hub or knowledge centre of the world and the infrastructure for acquisition of knowledge on any subject and research was terrific. This knowledge is in the process of being re-build now. The stage has got set with technology framework already there and soon we will see further improvement and players getting in.

A Competent Vedic Astrologer

A competent Vedic astrologer is expected to have sound knowledge and personal research and the will to serve humanity. Due to millions of permutations & combinations possible in Vedic Astrology his abilities must be well rounded to make a reasonably fair judgement and prediction. Modern technology and computer algorithms have made the mathematical part and routine work much easier now, enabling astrologers to commit more time and energy on interpretation of charts. However, computers algorithms are not a plausible substitute to the astrologer’s personal study and judgement which has to be done by a competent human only. A competent astrologer must be a willing student, humble, prays to goddess Saraswati, Lord Ganesha and other deities and does his study and mantras with proper discipline. His conduct should be upright, professional, honest and truthful. Greed and Lust must be avoided.

About Bharat (Founder & Mentor)

My journey with Jyotisha started around 1994, as a hobby first and then it caught on like an inseparable companion. However, the job pressures and family circumstances were quite challenging and it wasn’t until 2011 that I could once again re-ignite the learning. The subsequent year I started professional readings for friends, near and dear ones (without charges) and tweaking possible outcomes of various life situations with Gemstone remedies. I also started building my own research to validate, understand and internalise the principles given by various Maharishis, as also build my own principles about using Gemstones as remedial measures since nothing much is available about them in classic vedic texts. Minor references are seen in Agni Purana about the names of various precious and semi-precious Gemstones and a little in Narada Purana about how to select good Gemstones. The results I have obtained using selected precious Gemstones has been truly remarkable and very encouraging ever since.

My view about a successful life is about living for others and making a difference to their lives, within my abilities. When you give happiness to others, you unleash true and unparalleled happiness inside you and your soul experiences it as a greater reward. In others happiness, lies our happiness. This is what has driven me to take this path. I remain deeply thankful to almighty who enabled me to get educated at some of the finest institutions including the best Business School of India, IIM Ahmedabad, and bestowed the opportunity to work in one of the best and most professional organizations of India. This has immensely helped me to connect with anybody with ease and understand their concerns and environments they operate in thus leading to designing customized solutions which are scientific, pragmatic and realistic.

My learning in IIM Ahmedabad has deeply helped me in understanding businesses, corporates and Enterprise and entrepreneurs. This has enabled me to assist Startups in planning their business strategies and timing their decision making, investing and avoiding pitfalls. This is a unique offering. We are capable of helping out corporates with getting the competitive edge in similar manner.

Personally I don’t come from any lineage as nobody in my known family history of at least 200 plus years probably touched this subject ever. So I feel happy to believe that this journey is driven from heavens probably and the almighty directs, guides, equips and enables you. We have to make our choices.

I have seen couple of thousands charts by now and handled a large number of cases and our clients have had fabulous success. My expertise lies in designing solutions with Jyotisha as the tool. This needs continuous engagement with clients and is not possible with one time metered clock-precise engagement. Transactional consultations are no substitute for long term happiness, just as Wealth creation is possible with long term disciplined investing only.

Finally, What keeps us ticking is wishes and blessings of everyone associated with us, and a Thank You after the work is done. This is my greatest reward other than what keeps us afloat.

I hope and believe that we at astrobharatgupta.com will be of definite assistance to you in this journey together.”

Om Tat Sat