Pearl/ Shweta Moti


  • Cat (Precious/ Semi Precious) – Precious
  • Weight (Carats/ Mg) – 10 Crts/2000 mg
  • Natural/Synthetic/ Lab-Created – Natural Sea Pearl
  • Mines/Origin – South Sea Area (Japan and Australia). Cultured in Sea
  • Certification – Yes. Lab Certificate from Pvt Lab included. Certification from Govt Lab/IGI only on request with additional costs.
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Certified Natural, Untreated, Unheated South Sea Pearl, mined in South Sea Area.
Certified by Naman Gem Lab. A lab report will be provided to the buyer. Lab Report can also be downloaded.

Pearl represents the energy of Chandra Deva (Moon God) and manifested as the planet Moon in Cosmos. Moon is the only other luminary other than Sun and is the second (2nd)strongest source of energy, virility, and strength, and sustains all physical matter on planet Earth. It lords over all food and nourishment, Vanaspati or Floral matter, medicines, and health. Moon rules mind and emotions, motherhood, love and care, motherly affection, Protection and safety, Wellness and Immunity for daily sustenance. Regulates the flow of blood through the Lungs.

Who should wear Pearl:- Royals and Nobility(Queens and Princess), Ministers and Politicians, Pregnant women or those seeking motherhood, Bureaucrats, Advisors in Pvt Enterprises. It includes Leaders in Lower level Govt bodies/ Corporate bodies. Physicians, Psychologists, Cosmetologists, Dieticians, People in Hotels, Restaurants and Hospitality Services, Chefs, Beauty services, Grocery, Food Production business professionals, etc.

Benefits of wearing Pearl- A good quality Pearl worn in an auspicious time (Muhurata) grants following
Improves General Health, Mental strength, EQ, Focus, and Compassion.
Improves relations with People and peers, Bosses, and Influence Senior Leadership and decision-makers in govt/ Corporate machinery.
Regulates BP reduces anxiety and hypertension, reduces weakness, and enhances body strength, Sexual abilities, Bones and teeth, etc. Removes calcium and iron deficiency.


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