Emerald/ Panna


  • Cat (Precious/ Semi Precious) – Precious
  • Weight (Carats/ Mg) – 4 Crts/800 mg
  • Natural/Synthetic/ Lab-Created – Natural Zambian Emerald
  • Mines/Origin – South Africa (Zambia)
  • Certification – Yes. Lab Certificate from Govt Lab/IGI/Pvt Lab included.
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Certified Natural, Untreated, Unheated Zambian Emerald, mined in South Africa (Zambia) .
Certified by Govt Lab Jaipur (GJEPC). Lab Report will be provided to buyer. Lab Report can also be downloaded.

Emerald represents energy of Budha Deva the divine and celestial messenger (Mercury God) and manifested as planet Mercury in Cosmos. Mercury is the divine Prince and considered to be one of the most important planet having multiple influence in our areas of life like Scholarly abilities, skillset, training and formal education in school and colleges, professional skills. It sustains all knowledge, finance, trade, digestion and application of mind. It lords over all traders, businessmen, Money and Currency etc.

Who should wear Emerald :- Businessmen, Brokers, Lawyers, Traders, Authors and writers, Motivational speakers, Telecom and PR professionals, Information and Broadcasting Department, Underwriters, Draftsmen and those drafting Govt documents and deeds, Pharmacists and Ayurveda medicine practitioners, Teachers, Singers, Actors, Comedians, Craftsmen or those dealing with fine craft, painters.

Benefits of wearing Emerald- A good quality Emerald worn in an auspicious time (Muhurata) grants following
Improves Communication, Competitiveness, Wisdom, Memory, Time Management, Wealth. Pragmatism and Practical thinking.
Improves PR and influence Senior Leadership and decision makers in govt/ Corporate machinery.
Improves Nervous system, brain functioning, strengthens body grip and joint movements, Tones skin, improves personality and appearance, brings mannerism and class.
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