Hessonite/ Gomedha/ Vaidurya


  • Cat (Precious/ Semi Precious) – Precious
  • Weight (Carats/ Mg) – 4 Crts/800 mg
  • Natural/Synthetic/ Lab-Created – Natural 100% guaranteed
  • Mines/Origin – Sri Lanka (Ceylonese)
  • Certification – Yes. Lab Certificate from reputed Pvt Lab is included
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Certified Natural, Untreated, Unheated Hesonite, mined in Sri Lanka.
Certified by Naman Gem Lab Lab Report will be provided to buyer.

Hessonite represents the energy of Lord Shiva in Rudra incarnation (Roopa) and manifested as planet Rahu (Dragon’s head) in Cosmos. Rahu is first of the two invisible planets out of the Nine(09) planets considered for astrological interpretations by the ancient sages. Rahu is a Mlecha (Different from Society at large) and a diabolical planet and signifies the exploratory and research nature on one hand and orthodox and rigid controlling on the other. It deals with foreigners, Internet and Digital Marketing, E-Comerce, activities outside the society or regional boundaries, Diplomatic Relations, Strategic Planning and scheming, Bars, Cassinos, Lotteries, Stables or Horse Racing arena, Liquor, Drugs and Aphrodisiacs, Screens and shades, Material consumption, Methods Other than Legal or laid down Rules. Poisons, Difficult Diseases like Cancer, Lower level Research etc. Rahu is most important significator of Tantra Shakti (Black Magic).

Who should wear Hessonite :- Diplomats, Import-Export Traders, Political Strategists and campaign planners, E-Comprofessionals, IT professionals and businessmen, Bar and Cassino owners and professionals, Students planning for foreign education and those engaged in earning from Gambling and Horse Racing, Lottery and Lotto etc. Marketing professionals, Mining workers, Difficult and challenging work, Insurance industry, Drug Manufacturers, Wild Life Department, Sheep and animal husbandry business etc. Occult and Tantrik or Healers using Tantra methods. Protection from scamsters and if stuck in a scandal etc.

Benefits of wearing Hesonite- A good quality Natural Hessonite worn in an auspicious time (Muhurata) grants following
Improves influencing skills, IT and Internet skills, Material possessions, Money from unknown or additional source of wealth, Wealth from hidden sources, sudden money or inheritence.
Improves Networking, Political clout, Power etc,
Increased Willpower to do impossible work.


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