General Consultation

At, we do not believe in providing computer generated analysis reports as these are very generic. We all know that every individual created by Almighty is unique despite the five elements (panch Mahabhootas) matter used to create are same for all beings. The cosmic interplay of planetary influences create these difference at Body, Mind and Soul level of an individual. Therefore we believe in customized solution for every individual. Every time you order a Vedic astrology service through our website, your chart gets looked at by a very experienced and knowledgeable Vedic astrologer. The astrologer spends a lot of time on the chart analysis. You will be amazed by the depth of analysis done on your chart. Try one out today.

Health Check

”If Health is Lost, something is Lost”.. In health check we dwell and focus on your basic health issues and matters concerning health at all three levels, i.e Physical, Mental and soul or internal level. We believe that health is not just restricted to Body as is generally believed or understood. Infact health at mental level is of utmost importance as per vedic astrology as mind is the driver of all actions good or bad. The issues covered here will be restricted to basic level consultation, Root cause analysis for any disease or ailments, indications of any chronic disease. For critical diseases like Cancer, Cardiac issues, Dengue, AIDS etc which requires very critical level analysis, pl visit our Special Consultation page.

Wealth Check

We all understand that wealth (Artha) is very important means to our sustenance in this material world. Not only does it support our needs of present but also helps to secure our future needs. Therefore a good assessment of our wealth prospects helps us in planning our life and lifestyle. In wealth check we focus on your overall material resources and possessions available at your disposition including financial or money (means of acquiring resources), investments, treasures or savings, wealth accumulation and creation plus other material acquisitions. Advice on optimal strategy for wealth creation and preservation of wealth, investment, overcoming hurdles and avoiding pitfalls is rendered. Root cause analysis for financial losses or problems in wealth accumulation is advised.

Profession or Job

Any living creature has to survive, for which it has to do some effort or labour using it’s combined abilities. Our combined abilities are a sum total of physical (body and it’s structure), mental (mind and intelligence level) acquired knowledge and all other skills. We have abilities which are gifted to us ab-initio or simply by birth and can be called as Intrinsic abilities. Then we have abilities which are acquired in our journey of life at various stages which can be called as extrinsic abilities. Our actions are based on a gamut or interplay of all these abilities. When our extrinsic abilities are correctly aligned with our intrinsic abilities, success happens and gives us happiness, contentment and fulfillment at all the three levels, physical, mental and soul. The more we do it again and again success follows in suitable measure and then it becomes our habit and attitude. We will assist and guide you in discovering your intrinsic abilities and how to put them to best use so that you achieve your professional goals as also choose to acquire the correct extrinsic abilities to achieve further heights in your career, business and profession.


Marriage is a union of two souls and they come together to team up so as to yield certain results in future. The union necessarily requires two people who will complement each other and naturally possess very different physical structure and abilities. The most notable one being procreating, sustaining and preserving life. Without the ideal matching of these Ying and Yang or Masculine and Feminine energies procreating life is not naturally possible. At the same time nature has ensured that no two people on this earth are same despite the fact that we all beings are constituted from same five elements or panchmahabhootas. This entails different constitution and energy levels for different beings. Therefore it is imperative that in order to ensure successful achievement of goals from the marital union, the correct team must be selected. We not only recognize the importance of this fact but we follow the tenets of Vedic Astrology in this regard very religiously.
We wish to be stringent in following the Vedic methods and principles of marital compatibility as they are based on sound logic and vedic knowledge, which we believe is very scientific. In most cases where this is ignored marital dissatisfaction, poor teamwork and home environment, problems in progeny in terms of health and other aspects have been noticed. In fact we strongly believe that especially in modern context its way too important to be ignored, given the integration of social systems, legal and punitive actions and societal norms associated with Marriage in present times. In modern times, marriage has been institutionalized as a system and violation attracts very heavy punitive actions. Therefore, it is worth every penny to take an opinion of a learned astrologer prior to marriage. We endeavor to guide you in selecting a compatible partner using the tenets and principles of vedic astrology. We also help you in identifying the good periods for timing the marriage and when to avoid the same and some additional inputs.


Education helps us open up our horizons. Without correct and relevant education and knowledge we will be as good as anyone without knowledge. One cannot open a lock, unless one has the combination of the right key and the knowledge about how to use that key or what is the kind of lock to be opened. Education is the process and system of acquiring knowledge, values, and extrinsic skills. It includes and covers every action which assists a creature to discharge its duties, and not restricted to just the curriculum or textbooks. We also know that acquisition of various types of knowledge occurs in various informal and formal settings i.e right from home, schools and educational institutions, and from variety of teachers like parents, family, external environment and teachers in educational institutions etc. Here we will mainly focus on structured education and skillsets which will help the subject choose the right area of knowledge and skillset which will help in getting
the best out of his intrinsic skills. By integrating the intrinsic abilities with acquisition of external abilities and skills, the subject becomes more confident and adept at becoming successful. We will also help you with options like studying abroad and timing the periods to do so. For professionals we can help them with what skills to upgradeand when to plan so as to get better and improved career prospects, and subsequent career growth and enhancement. .


Procreation and sustenance of life is an important aspect amongst living beings. This Natural phenomenon ensures continuity of the life and process of evolution from one generation to another. The nature and the God Almighty has blessed human beings with this process along with other living beings. The selection of the appropriate partner is of utmost importance for the conjugal process and the birth of a healthy offspring. It is incumbent on our part to hand over reins of life to a healthy, intelligent and appropriate heir. It is an onerous responsibility given by God Almighty to us and we must endeavor to fulfill it. We all know that parents leave no stone unturned to do their best for their children however proper guidance right from outset till seeing them off as independent adults, will make a subtle difference to their lives as also help parents derive a lot of satisfaction from their efforts in raising successful and happy children. Blessed are the parents who can
achieve this. Often in our astrological analysis it has been observed that birth of children with congenital problems (by birth) can be attributed to the incompatibility of the parentsi.e team and teamwork thereof. Therefore we very strongly emphasize on the importance of ‘compatibility check’ of prospective couple. This could help obviate lots of avoidable problems later in life. We will guide you in choosing favorable periods for planning the family as also the periods to avoid pregnancy and conception. Remedy to any issues in child birth will be suggested. Issues pertaining to learning abilities, children personality issues could be discussed.


Human survival is dependent on many factors, the basic ones being food, clothing and a shelter. These provide the basic security to a being. Every creature on this earth needs these, and the nature has beautifully provided for it. Over a period of time humans have evolved as social beings and thus there is a continuous evolution in terms of our material possessions. Abraham Maslow, gave us the famous five tiered hierarchy of needs starting from Basic needs to security needs, social needs, self-esteem needs and finally self-actualization needs. Most human population is at the bottom of pyramid and continuously remain motivated to achieve the next level. This leads to the desire of acquisition of material possessions like lands, homes, wealth, immovable and movable property and other such like possessions which provides security, comfort and happiness. Vedic Astrology provides us with the tools to help assess about above and related matters. It also helps us in
planning the periods and times for the acquisition of such possessions. It can also be reasonably assessed whether the person would receive property or possessions through inheritance and also possession attained away from home region or abroad.