Family Consultation for 4


  • For Max four Person of a family
  • Charges are for four session @ Max 30 min each session
  • General pesonality and one major aspect of life in detail of each
  • Book Additional Sessions if required

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Member 4

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This consultation is suited for a couple and two children or four members belonging to same family. By default charges for one session for each member are indicated so a total of 120 min allocated for complete consultation.

Duration of One session – Max up to 120 min. Each additional session booked adds 120 min to the total consultation.

What is included in consultation
The consultation has two main components-
1. General description of personality and a brief of major aspects of life.
2. A focused in-depth discussion on any one area of life chosen by you. Areas of life can be – Health, Profession, Relationship, Wealth, Property, Foreign Education etc.
3. For examining family lineage related issues or Genetic matters like Hereditary Diseases, Collective Sufferings and Karmic Backlog and Curses of past lives pl book additional session.

General Format of consultation-
One audio of upto 40 min for first component.
Discussion and clarification of queries for second component – 80 min. Length of Audio and discussion time will accordingly increase when more than one session is booked.

Booking of Additional Sessions
1. Additional session needs to be booked for every additional aspect or area of life you want to discuss.
2. If you need to discuss a specific matter for longer duration pl book additional sessions accordingly.
3. Kindly use ADD TO CART above for booking more than one session in one consultation.

Additional information


30 Minutes, 60 minutes


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